Baby Business Plan for Non-IPS Photographers


Baby Business Plan for Non-IPS Photographers

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I know how busy we all are, Iet me take care of your business! 

(Your Business Plan Handed to You!)

The Baby Business Bootcamp: for Non-IPS Photographers.

~Create the Ultimate Client Experience Using Proven and Successful Business Tools.~

I have created a boutique experience for my clients, and high turn-over for my business. 

I have spent the past six years building a successful photography business. I grossed over 100k last year, took seven weeks holidays, worked only M-F 9-5, and provided my clients with the ultimate experience. Over the years, I have streamlined my business and want to share what I have learned and help your business grow!

This Bootcamp is ideal for NON-IPS photographers who want 

  • to streamline their business

  • reduce their session time

  • sell every image they edit and 

  • offer their clients the ultimate experience

There are a few things that set me apart from my competition. I work to create an exceptional client experience from the first email through gallery delivery. I am in full control of my calendar and my sessions, but at the same time, I allow my clients to feel like they are in control, too. 

This is what my Bootcamp entails:

PART ONE – Client Experience and Business Model

PART TWO – Emails and Templates:

  • Newborn Emails

    • Inquiry response

    • Follow up

    • Contract and deposit invoice

    • Baby is born – session info and prep

    • Gallery is ready

  • Big Baby Emails

    • Inquiry response – Sitting Big Baby

    • Inquiry response – Cake Smash specific

    • Big Baby Follow Up

    • Contract and deposit

    • Gallery is ready

  • Maternity Emails

    • Now that we have a date

    • Session info and prep

    • Gallery is ready

  • Sneak Peek / Teaser

PART THREE - Welcome Guide Template (14 pages, .psd format)

PARTS FOUR, FIVE, and SIX - Creating a Boutique Experience with High Turnover

PART SEVEN - Business Tools and Bonus Material

  • Marketing/Advertising

  • Calendaring

  • Workflow checklist

  • Calendaring

  • Email client file set-up

  • Contract

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