White With (Studio) Lights


White With (Studio) Lights

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Learn to set-up, light, and edit to achieve white whites!

This is a video-based e-course on creating clean and bright white images using studio light.  Natural light photographers can still benefit, light is light!!

I go over lighting for 7 set ups, and I EDIT image(s) from each set up so you can see a variety of ways to achieve white whites (with lovely shadows). You will see pull-backs for all the set-ups. 

In these images, 'bear' is my model and these are the seven set-ups I go over and the images I edit. 

I do NOT cover posing, there is one back-lit image (but because I offer a separate backlighting course, it is not about backlighting.) 

This is for photographers comfortable with studio light, it is NOT 'studio light 101'. 

I edit in ACR and PS CC

The editing I go over will teach you to achieve white whites. I do go over NEWBORN SKIN in a few edits, but I do not sell presets or actions. 

When you purchase, it is a digital download (the PDF), and a 'Read First' doc (please read it first).  All editing videos are in our Facebook Group.  

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